Садовая аптека

Садовая аптека


4,320 руб.

BOMBASTIC (Blyth 2018) M-ML 36” Good clean variegatas are few and far between. Bombastic has rich golden yellow standards and smooth burgundy falls and a small smooth soft blaze around gold beards. Very wide and ruffled flowers. Show stems. Chosen from several dozen selected variegata seedlings considered for naming. Sdlg No. X174-B (Keppel 07-68B: (04-49A: Silk Road sib x (99-206A: Proposal x (Blyth: F175-1: Man About Town x (D61-1: Poetess sib))) x (04-44A: (99-208B: Proposal x (Blyth F119-3: Act Three x (D61-2: Poetess sib)) x House Afire) X Superhero


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