Садовая аптека

Садовая аптека


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BIG BREAK (Black ’17) TB Midseason-Late 35” (89cm) ‘big break’ is a significant departure from traditional broken color breeding. Most traditional broken color flowers are the result of a virus — think Rembrandt tulips. They occur hit and miss rather than in expected Mendelian ratios. ‘big break’ has none of these in its background. Advanced generations are segregating more closely into what would be expected from a genetic trait. Crossing two of these new broken colors together gives a high percentage of broken color seedlings. This should allow for faster advancement of ones that have stronger growth and taller and better branched stalks. ‘big break’ stalks have 3 branches and 8-9 buds. Standards have warm white and tan segments splashed red-violet. Ruffled falls have irregular splashings of warm white, mid apricot and mid violet to purple. Orange beards add yet another dimension. Sdlg. U21D: (Magical Glow x Impulsive) X Three Part Harmony sib


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