Садовая аптека

Садовая аптека


2,430 руб.

AROUND THE SUN (Black ‘16) TB Early-Late 36” (91cm) The clairty and brightness of this joyful yellow and white combination comes from its plicata heritage. The only thing that keeps it from being a glaciata are the plum dots deep in the throat. Tightly formed, ruffled flowers are carried on 3 branches that can have 8-9 buds. A strong sweet fragrance goes well with its sunny dispostion. Diversity of seedlings in the cross was wide ranging. One of these is ‘Jupiter’s Ring’, another 2016 introduction. Use for neat plics, glaciatas and luminatas. Sdlg. U33A: Black P76A, Best and Brightest sib X Class Ring $55.00


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